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Old Calvary Cemetery
Salinas, California

calvary_hollister.jpg (61224 bytes)A Bit of History………………

Old Calvary Cemetery was established in 1870 on two acres of land belonging to George Graves.  Mr. Graves was a farmer who settled in the Salinas Valley in 1855.  He had set aside a place for private burial ground on his ranch, when some of his young children died.  He soon saw the need for a community cemetery, and deeded the site to the Catholic Church and Calvary Cemetery was born! 


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Why are we here?

Calvary Cemetery is a site of religious and historical significance.  The cemetery is the resting place of many Salinas Valley pioneers and their descendants.   However, it’s location, combined with the emergence of larger cemeteries in the area and the lack of endowment care planning has resulted in limited attention for this sacred place.  As a result, for the second time in its history, a restoration effort is required.  

In 1975, Council 1948 of the Knights of Columbus, undertook the first restoration of Calvary by rebuilding fences and walls, planting trees, controlling weeds, resetting markers, and providing graveled paths. However, while Council 1948 continues to donate funds and workhours to Cemetery maintenance, it is no longer able to provide the full resources to complete major repairs required such as plot restoration, marker resetting, and fence replacement.

A committee of concerned citizens, in collaboration with the Diocese of Monterey, has been established to focus community attention on the problem and to lay the framework for restoring and maintaining this site. If you have relatives or friends resting in Calvary Cemetery, and would like to help in this effort, please contact Clancy D’Angelo, Director of Cemeteries, Diocese of Monterey (831) 373-4345.

Remember, one measure of a community is the devotion it shows to those who have preceded us and to whom we owe so much. Please join us in this worthwhile effort.

Calvary Cemetery Renovation Plans

¨  Restoration of Historical Monuments

¨  Improved Lighting and Security        

¨  Complete Perimeter Fencing

¨  New Trees and Shrubs

¨  New Signage and Historical Plaque

¨  Development of Cremation Urn Sites

 We are looking for relatives of the following folks resting in peace in Calvary Cemetery to help us restore their deteriorated Family Plots.  If you have family members on the list, please contact Clancy D’Angelo at the Diocese of Monterey, 831.373.4345 for more information.


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