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is cremation allowed for catholics and can ashes be inurned in the cemetery?

yes, on both counts. in 1963, the catholic church modified its longstanding general prohibition of cremation as a burial option. ashes can be interred in an urn site (ground) or a niche (wall). in addition, a single set of ashes can be added to an existing grave or crypt through the purchase of a second burial right. ashes must be buried on sacred ground.

do you have to be a catholic to be buried in a catholic cemetery?

no. people of all faiths are welcome in our cemeteries.

is there any chance my grave will be resold after a specified number of years?

no. the purchaser has an exclusive and permanent right of use through an easement conveyed by the cemetery.

do i have to pay a monthly maintenance fee?

no. a one time cemetery care fee is charged at the time you purchase a grave, crypt or niche. the money is placed in a special restricted fund, the proceeds of which are used to cover future maintenance costs throughout the cemetery

if i am divorced and remarried can i be buried in a catholic cemetery: or if a person commits suicide, can he or she be buried in a catholic cemetery?

yes on both counts. for more information, please contact your parish priest.

what kind of monument may i purchase?

monuments must conform to the regulations that govern the different parts of the cemetery. we offer, flat monuments in granite and bronze. upright monuments are only available in granite. ceramic photos, emblems, memorial benches, and statues are available in all of our cemeteries. (queen of heaven cemetery only allows flush bronze headstones � no granite or upright). 

does the cemetery have copies of the death certificate?

no. the document kept on file at the cemetery is called a "permit of disposition", and it is issued by the health department registrar.

how do i pay for burial arrangements?

there are a variety of payment options and terms to help you remain within your personal budget. cash, check, mastercard and visa are honored for your convenience. interest free payment terms may be arranged with a down payment at the time of purchase. special terms are also available for persons in need. in special cases, when a family has no way to finance burial, the cemetery will inter the deceased for a minimum charge.