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about us

our catholic cemeteries reflect our belief in the dignity and sacredness of human life and the immortality of the soul. we are dedicated to the service of the church and carry out our sacred trust by making our cemeteries places to remember, to heal, to strengthen and to pray. in the name of the people of god, the entire cemetery staff is committed to supporting the deepening of faith in the families who experience a death. thus will the diocese of monterey catholic cemeteries continue to give perspective and meaning to life, death and life after death.

the five catholic cemeteries in our diocese, san carlos, queen of heaven, holy cross, calvary/sacred heart, old calvary and old mission are dedicated to reverently laying to rest those who have died, caring for those who grieve and maintaining our cemeteries in a manner that fosters prayer and reflection. our ministry is rooted in service to families and our goal is to make each cemetery a place where life, both natural and supernatural, is celebrated and honored.

mission statement

just as the human body deserves to be treated with respect and dignity in life, so should they be treated in death. the catholic cemeteries of the diocese of monterey exist to meet the needs of individual and families in preparation for, in time of, and following the event of death. our primary focus continues to be the comforting of the bereaved. we strive to serve as a symbol of the extended community of the church - a community unbroken by death.